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There are many types of materials to consider when thinking of re-roofing, Asphalt, Cedar, Slate, Metal, Clay Tiles, Copper...

Repairs can be a headache for the average homeowner to think about. There are many steps to take into consideration from the possible damage to figuring out what needs to be done.

当你考慮翻新屋頂,你有很多材料可以选择,例如瀝青,雪松,板岩,金屬,粘土磚,銅等而維修對於屋主來說可能是頭痛的事情。 從可能的損害到確定需要做什麼,有許多步驟需要考慮。

we specialize in not only providing roofing for residential homes, but also for commercial and industrial businesses.


Installing soffits and fascia adds the right finishing touches to the exterior of your home, increases your energy efficiency and improves your curb appeal. 



Skylight 天窗更换

Skylights can be a stunning addition to any home, illuminating the interior of a structure with natural sunlight. Skylights are particularly useful in spaces where you would like to increase light without installing an artificial light – such as in a hallway, walk-in closet, or a room next to a patio or veranda.

天窗可以成為任何房屋的亮点,利用自然陽光照亮建築物的內部。 天窗在不增加人造光的情况下增加室内光照,例如在走廊,衣帽间等空间。

In the wet weather, an eavestrough acts as a rain gutter – collecting and carrying water away from the roof, releasing it at a distance from the foundation and preventing damage.


There's no better way to enjoy a cold winter evening than by relaxing next to the fireplace.

Whether you're looking to build a brand new chimney or maintain your existing one, Our masonry expertise ensures will give you a safe chimney that looks good and functions beautifully.

沒有比在壁爐旁放鬆更好的方法來享受加拿大寒冷的冬天。 無論您是要建造全新的煙囪還是維護現有的煙囪,我們的專業人士都能確保為您提供外觀美觀,功能精美的安全煙囪。

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Roof leaks can ruin insulation, become a breeding ground for black mold, damage interior ceilings and walls, and rot the wooden framing.

Most common culprits in causing your roof to leak are Age, Brick Chimneys, Missing Shingles, Holes, Clogged Gutters, Skylights...



Eavestroughs and gutters are a part of a home that many owners pay little attention to until it’s too late. Regularly cleaning your eavestroughs and gutters can save you the time, money and hassle of serious water damage.

屋簷和排水溝是房屋的一部分,許多業主很少注意,发现问题為時已晚。 定期清潔屋簷和排水溝可以節省您的時間,金錢和嚴重的水災麻煩。

No Maintenance & No Clogging. Protect Your Home From Water Damage. Your Gutter Cover Systems Will Last For Many Years On Your Home

無維護,無堵塞。 保護您的房屋免受水的損害。 您的排水溝加网系統將在您的房屋中使用多年

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