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​Welcome to 3A Roofing Service, we are the premier roofing company in Greater Toronto Area. From personal experiences we understand how important finding the right Roofing Contractor is when you are in need of repairs. Our professional Roofing Contractors have many years of experience. 

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of services. Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us and has been the key to our ongoing success. 

If you are unsure of the area that we service, do not hesitate to fill out out the quote form or contact us.

欢迎使用3A屋面服务,我们是大多伦多地区领先的屋面公司。 多年的服务经验告诉我们,当您需要维修时,找到合适的屋面承包商非常重要,而我们专业的屋面承包商正拥有多年的经验。

我们以提供最高质量的服务而自豪。 客户满意度对我们至关重要,这是我们持续取得成功的关键。




You should check your roof IMMEDIATELY, it's the time to replace your asphalt shingle roof.

1. Curling shingles or ridge shingles

2. Missing Granules from the Asphalt

3. Asphalt Shingles Blown Off the Roof

4. Moss on a Shingle Roof

5. Asphalt shingles are over the manufacture lifetime

6. Some of your neighbors are replacing their Asphalt shingle roof. 




1. 屋顶瓦片已翘起

2. 瓦片上的颗粒物已经没有了

3. 瓦片出现裂缝

4. 瓦片之间已经出现黑色间隙

5. 瓦片之间长出苔藓

6. 屋顶已使用超过20年

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